The Corsair

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الكاتب عبدالعزيز آل محمود
دار النشر دار جامعة حمد بن خليفة للنشر
الكمية بالمخزن 3
الوزن ( جرامات ) 246
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رقم المنتج E-N0000054
الحاله متاح
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  • KWD 5.500

It's the early part of the nineteenth century and the Arabian Peninsula and the waters surrounding it are ablaze. Piracy in the Gulf threatens global maritime trade routes while the Wahabbi strain of Islam is conquering followers town by town across the region. Britain, eager to reinforce its presence in the Middle East and protect the East India Company's ships, has a plan: send a man-of-war from England to quash the pirates while persuading Egypt to join an international alliance with Oman and Persia to fight the Wahabbis. At the center of it all lies a priceless Indian sword, a gift from the British monarch to the Egyptian Pasha. 

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